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Security and Safety:

  • Electrical System: CHINT brand Miniature Circuit Breaker/Electrical Panel Board
  • First Alert (US made) fire extinguisher 2.5 lbs. or equivalent in kitchen area
  • Battery Operated Smoke detector in hallway of 2nd and 3rd Floor
  • Security grille fence w/ manhole (All Units)
  • Individual steel vehicular gate with pedestrian door and door bell (Units 1 & 2)
  • Built-in ladder rungs and pull down ladder rungs for emergency exit
  • Fire Exit Provision @ windows for all 3 bedrooms
  • Automatic Rechargeable LED Emergency Light at 2nd Floor Kitchen or 2nd Floor Hallway
  • CCTV Camera Surveillance System (1 syacstem for all units)
  • Intercom System – featuring automatic door release button for common driveway gate pedestrian door for inner units (Units 3, 4 & 5)

The safety and security of residents are among the top priorities for the developer TransPhil Land, which is why there are numerous features installed for everyone’s peace of mind. Tolentino Townhomes is a safe enclave with an entry gate manned by trained security personnel 24 hours a day. A CCTV camera surveillance system is also installed in the compound to monitor all activities in the compound 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All 16 units in the development have electrical systems designed and connected by certified engineers; each unit uses a CHINT miniature circuit breaker and electrical panel board. Fire extinguishers from United States-based First Alert are provided in the kitchen area of each townhome, as well as battery-operated smoke detectors in the hallways of the second and third floors. In addition, TransPhil Land has also included built-in ladder rungs and pull-down ladders in each home to be used as an emergency exit during fires or other unfortunate incidents. For further safety and disaster preparedness, each of the bedrooms in every unit has its own fire exit provisions.

Security grill fences are installed in every unit to prevent unauthorized entry to the residents’ home. Another steel gate with pedestrian door and a door bell is also installed in each of the first two units. An intercom system is also in place to automatically open the door in the common driveway gate for inner units.

Every unit also has its own covered parking garage for one vehicle, a well-designed kitchen system, telephone line provisions (for Metro Manila’s major telco providers, PLDT and Globe), provisions for individual CCTV systems, an intercom system, provisions for air-conditioning units in bedrooms and common areas, water heaters in the toilets and baths, and a provision for broadband internet connections.

  • Kitchen System
  • Telephone Line
  • CCTV System
  • Intercom System
  • Air Conditionning
  • Garage
  • Water Heating
  • Internet Line
  • Parking Area
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